Dr. Mohammad Dwary MD

Mohammad Dwary

Hospital Affiliations: Long Term Care in Pasco County

Languages: English, Arabic, Urdu

Dr. Mohammad Dwary is a dedicated and compassionate physician committed to providing comprehensive healthcare to his patients. While he may not currently hold board certification, his commitment to delivering quality care is evident in his education, clinical experience, and linguistic versatility.

Education and Certification

Dr. Dwary earned his medical degree from Liaquat University, marking the beginning of his medical journey. Although he is not currently board-certified, his dedication to patient care remains unwavering.

Professional Training

Dr. Dwary completed his Internal Medicine Residency at the Royal Medical Services, where he gained valuable clinical experience and honed his medical skills. This training equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to provide thorough and attentive care to his patients.

Language Proficiency

Dr. Dwary’s linguistic versatility is a valuable asset in the medical field. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu, enabling him to effectively communicate with a diverse patient population. His ability to converse in multiple languages fosters clear and empathetic communication, facilitating the patient-doctor relationship.

Focus on Long Term Care

Dr. Dwary’s primary focus is on delivering healthcare services in Long-Term Care settings in Pasco County. His dedication to this specialized area of medicine reflects his commitment to the well-being and comfort of elderly and chronically ill patients. Dr. Dwary’s expertise is invaluable in addressing the unique needs of long-term care residents.

In summary, Dr. Mohammad Dwary is a compassionate and dedicated physician who places the well-being of his patients at the forefront of his practice. His education, clinical experience, and linguistic abilities make him a valuable healthcare provider in the community, specializing in the care of long-term care residents in Pasco County.

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