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From Annual Wellness Visits to Clinical Research

Professional Health Care of Pinellas is an internal medicine and family care practice. We have Board Certified Physicians on call 24 hours, 7 days a week to best serve our patients whether it be in office, hospital, nursing homes or various long term care facilities. Our highly trained support staff of Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and Registered Nurses along with our Physicians offers superior care, understanding and treatment to our patients and their families.

The emphasis in our practice is to deliver high quality care at the point of service by physicians that are able to communicate with the patient, employer and insurance personnel.

We believe that medical care whether urgent or routine can be provided at a fair and reasonable cost without large medical bills or compromising care.

Insurance Plans – PHC of Pinellas accepts most insurance plans including Medicare and Medicaid. We will file your health, auto, or workman’s comp insurance and we accept Letters of Protection (LOP). If you have any questions, please call our scheduling department at 727-322-1054 and they will be happy to assist you with appointments or questions about insurance.

Fadi Saba, M.D.

Hazem Al-Andary, M.D

Tatiana Arkhipenko, M.D

Nadine Azzi, M.D.

Arnaldo Buckley, D.O.

Kerry Cadogan, M.D.

Mobola Campbell M.D

Mobola Campbell, M.D.

Ruben Raya Campos

Ruben Raya Campos, M.D.

Leonard Confident, M.D.

Joseph Ciszewski, D.O.

Chris Cooke, D.O.

Mohammad Dwary, M.D.

Alauddin El-Hag, M.D.

Gerardo Garcia, M.D.

Hisham Hanai, M.D.

Kaela Harron

Kaela Harron, D.O.

timothy koo

Timothy Koo, M.D.

Rabee Korbaj, M.D.

nino kurtsikidze

Nino Kurtsikidze, M.D.

Tariq Kutob, M.D.

david lim

David Lim, D.O.

Joseph Paruolo

Joseph Paruolo, M.D.

Bernard Philippe, M.D.

Pedro Morales, M.D.

Dr Sagarika Sabbagh

Sagarika Sabbagh, D.O.

Sam Samarrai, M.D.

Dr. Rogelio Del Valle Valladares

Rogelio Del Valle Valladares, M.D.

Luis Ycaza

Luis Ycaza, D.O.

Dedicated Health Providers

Janelle Alfano, APRN

Janelle Alfano, APRN

Frank Amato, APRN

james andjelic

James Andjelic, APRN​

safiya arthur

Safiya Arthur, APRN​

cirly aleyas

Cirly Aleyas, APRN​

derek bedami

Derek Bedami, PA

Brittnai Boldt

Brittnai Boldt, APRN​

bonita clark

Bonita Clark, APRN

christine cobb osborne

Christine Cobb-Osborne, APRN

Nivine Grannis APRN

Nivine Grannis, APRN

terrie green

Terrie Green, APRN

Wendy Kehl-Wood, APRN

April Kimble APRN

April Kimble, APRN

susan kiss aprn

Susan Kiss, APRN

lauren kitenpion

Lauren Kitenplon, APRN

elizabeth kurman

Elizabeth Kurman, APRN

De’Ja Mandy APRN

De’Ja Mandy, APRN

Caridad Martinez APRN

Caridad Martinez, APRN

Chad McDannel APRN

Chad McDannel, APRN

Carline Pajotte

Carline Pajotte, APRN

Charlotte Phillips

Charlotte Phillips, APRN

Steven Reyes, PA

Scott Rolston, APRN

nora siegel

Nora Siegel, APRN

kristen ryan

Kristen Ryan, APRN

Melissa Stanilka

Melissa Stanilka, APRN

Leigh Tesar ARNP

Leigh Tesar, APRN

diana tiwari

Diana Tiwari, APRN

heather tyson

Heather Tyson, APRN

Leadership Team

Abby Saba

Abby Saba, CFO

Sue Adair

Sue Adair, Human Resources Director

Elie Ayyub

Elie Ayyub, Facilities Manager

Bill Fuller

Bill Fuller, Quality Manager

Donna Williamson

Donna Williamson, Director of Nursing