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Immigration Physical Exams

PHC has USCIS approved Doctors to conduct Immigration Physical Exams.

Immigration physicals are one of the key aspects of the immigration process. PHC doctors are trained and certified to provide comprehensive medical examinations, which serve as a crucial part of the overall immigration process.

These examinations include an assessment of various factors such as one’s general health, immunizations, and whether there are any contagious diseases that may put others at risk if left untreated. Such evaluations also help to ensure that immigrants have all necessary vaccinations in order to safely enter and live within the new country.

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PHC doctors are at the forefront of providing comprehensive healthcare services to individuals in their local communities.

What To Expect During Your Immigration Physical Examination.

During an immigration physical at a PHC, the doctors will guide you through the entire process, ensuring that all necessary tests and screenings are conducted accurately and efficiently. They will review your medical history, perform a physical examination, and assess your overall health status. Depending on the destination country’s requirements, they may conduct diagnostic tests, such as blood work, urine analysis, and imaging studies, to evaluate your health further.

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Establish Medical Care

Choosing PHC doctors for your immigration physical also offers the advantage of continuity of care. Since our doctors provide ongoing primary healthcare services, we can become your long-term healthcare partners, even after you’ve completed the immigration process. We will be familiar with your medical history, understand your unique healthcare needs, and provide you with the necessary follow-up care, ensuring that you receive comprehensive medical support as you settle into your new home.

Primary Care

Primary care at PHC consists of ongoing medical care for people of all ages, encompassing preventative and acute care, chronic disease management, mental health, woman’s health, men’s health, and geriatric care, to promote overall health and wellness.

Diagnostic Services

PHC offers a comprehensive range of diagnostic services including laboratory testing for blood, urine, and other bodily fluids, cardiac testing, and various imaging modalities to ensure accurate and timely diagnoses for the best possible patient outcomes.

Specialty Services

Specialty services at PHC encompass a wide range of medical fields, including physical therapy and rehabilitation, weight management, dermatology, and psychiatry, offering comprehensive and personalized care to address various health concerns.

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Immigration Physical Exam Check List

By bringing all of these materials to their appointment, applicants can ensure that their immigration physical runs smoothly and expeditiously. It is crucial to arrive early and be fully prepared to avoid unnecessary delays or rescheduling.

  • Bring Valid Photo ID

  • Vaccination & Medical Records

  • Prescription List

  • Payment Method

  • Emergency Contacts Information (2)

  • Medical Examination Form

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We’re Waiting To Help You

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our USCIS approved doctors today. Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the best possible care.

PHC Is Your Right Choice For Immigration Physical.

The doctors at PHCs are your reliable partners when it comes to immigration physicals. Their expertise, experience, and commitment to delivering comprehensive care make them the ideal choice for individuals seeking to fulfill the medical requirements of the immigration process. By entrusting your immigration physical to PHC doctors, you can rest assured that your health will be assessed thoroughly, and you will receive the necessary support and guidance as you embark on your new journey.

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What Our Patient Say

We Strive To Bring Top Notch Medical Care

“Very Clean!”

I love it here. It’s very clean and every staff person is so sweet. I am very impressed with this facility and feel very lucky to be a patient of Nurse Mercy. Recommed 100%


Jenny J.


The moment you walk in you’re met with friendly staff!! Doctors are amazing take the time to explain and walk you thru everything. Service is excellent… definitely recommend!


Matthew M.


Could not imagine having any other physician than Dr Saba providing my medical care. He takes care of both my husband and myself. He is compassionate and listens to us and has always taken the time to explain results. Glad to be a patient!


Maria M.