Sam Samarrai, M.D.

sam samarrai

American Board of Family Medicine

Hospital Affiliations: HCA FL Largo/Northside/Pasadena/St Pete

Languages: English

Dr. Sam Samarrai is a highly skilled and board-certified family medicine physician, dedicated to providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare to his patients. With a strong educational background and a patient-centered approach, he has established himself as a trusted healthcare professional.

Education and Certification

Dr. Samarrai is board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine, reflecting his commitment to upholding the highest standards of medical practice. He earned his Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Ross University, where he embarked on his journey to become a proficient and empathetic physician.

Professional Training

Dr. Samarrai completed his Family Medicine Residency at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center. This comprehensive training equipped him with the expertise needed to excel in the field of family medicine.

Language Proficiency

Dr. Samarrai is proficient in English, ensuring effective communication with his patients. His ability to convey complex medical information clearly and compassionately fosters strong patient-doctor relationships and promotes informed decision-making.

Hospital Affiliations

Dr. Samarrai holds affiliations with HCA FL hospitals in Largo, Northside, Pasadena, and St. Petersburg. These affiliations underscore his commitment to providing comprehensive healthcare services and collaborating with other healthcare professionals to optimize patient outcomes.

Patient-Centered Care

Dr. Samarrai’s primary focus is on providing patient-centered care, primarily seeing patients at PHC 5 Towns and PHC Seminole Clinic. His dedication to these clinical settings ensures accessibility and convenience for his patients, guaranteeing they receive high-quality healthcare services in a caring and supportive environment.

In summary, Dr. Sam Samarrai is a compassionate and highly qualified family medicine physician who places patients’ well-being at the forefront of his practice. His education, board certification, and commitment to patient-centered care make him a valuable asset to the medical community. His practice in multiple clinical settings underscores his dedication to providing comprehensive and compassionate healthcare services, with a focus on delivering the best possible patient experience.

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